Member FAQ’s

Since there is currently no fully acknowledged Trans-National trade union, the only way to secure meaningful representation is through a full membership in you national PA.

No. NPG is not a registered trade union, but rather a bargaining unit, to ensure unified representation for all Norwegian Pilots.

No, you will only pay membership fees to you national PA.

For the time being, please join the PA for the country in which you are currently based. The participating PA’s are discussing ways to easily facilitate transfer of membership in relation to base transfers, as well as possible ways to retain one membership in case of shorter term temporary assignments in other countries.

Not directly. Since each country’s laws and regulations are different, your national PA will assist you with any questions you may have.

Please fill in the PA registration form at HERE and your contact information will be forwarded to the appropriate PA for the country in which you are based. Once you have a PA membership number then you can register as an NPG Website member HERE and get access to the members only area.

Both www.norwegianpilotgroup.org and www.norwegianpilotgroup.com are located on private servers. NPG will under no circumstances share your personal information or you NPG membership status with any third parties, including any and all Norwegian companies. When registering with NPG / National PA, your contact information will only be passed to the appropriate PA, which will ensure the same level of personal protection for you. Please see the Website Privacy Policy for more details.

Yes, in order to ensure proper representation, it is important that you become a full member of the PA for the country in which you are based. The easiest way is to fill in the registration form on this website in order to make sure you are registered as a full member of your PA. You will then become part of NPG.

Yes. You will need to fill out the registration form on this page to get access to the private NPG member sections. All members will be crosschecked before being allowed access to these areas. There is no extra cost to you in registering your profile on the NPG website.